SCBFA welcomes Wesco Trailers

December 1, 2022

(Photo courtesy of Wesco Trailers)

With nearly 70 years of experience, innovation, and expertise, the Columbia-based company, Wesco Trailers, has joined the South Carolina Boating & Fishing Alliance to support one of the state’s top economic forces and the lifeline of the marine trailers industry, boating and fishing.

Since 1954, Wesco has strived to build quality trailers that will last while also providing support to the customers it serves. The company produces an average of 3,000 – 4,000 custom-built aluminum trailers per year.

Through the years, Wesco has worked with well over 100 different brands, including SCBFA members Avenger, Bulls Bay, Key West, Pioneer, Scout, Sea Fox, Sea Hunt, Sea Pro, Sportsman, Stingray, and Tidewater. Wesco currently partners with dealers and manufacturers in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

“Our goal is to build a strong quality product that customers can rely on,” said Wesco Sales Manager Jeremy Hudson. “Behind the product is a company that supports them.”

Compared to competitors and other companies in the industry, Hudson believes the team at Wesco sets the company apart.

“What makes us different is how we serve our customers,” said Hudson. “Whether it be standard communication, tracking your order, or listening to dealers and going to the drawing board to develop a product they are proud to sell.”

Over the last few years, as Wesco continued to serve dealers around the state, Hudson realized how impactful the boating and fishing industry has been and the lack of representation it has had, which led the company to become an SCBFA partner.

“We work with many of these boat manufacturers and dealers that are already a part of SCBFA, and we want to make our contributions to the industry, whether financially or through involvement,” said Hudson. “We want to be part of the group fighting for boating and fishing rights in this state.”

Hudson and the team at Wesco hope to see other companies, as well as everyday boat owners and anglers around the state, join the efforts to strengthen the industry’s voice.

“We have a huge presence here,” said Hudson. “Our voice can be very loud in this state.” 

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